Trippel Survey and Research, LLC

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Alan Trippel, CRP, founded Trippel Survey and Research, LLC, in 1994. His company’s mission is to provide relocation professionals comprehensive, unbiased surveys, research and consulting.

The core business of Trippel Survey and Research LLC is to conduct customer satisfaction surveys for relocation professionals; either companies relocating employees or the service firms providing services to the relocating employees. Corporate clients benefit from receiving unbiased, comprehensive and objective comments and quantitative scores from transferred employees, and benefit from having an outside source complement the internal survey processes the client uses. 
Trippel uses voice, email and web-based survey technology to obtain transferee survey responses.

In 1994, a New Jersey pharmaceutical company relocation manager asked Alan to conduct a survey of a large sampling of transferees from different companies to obtain comparative service ratings for various service providers. This initiative prompted the annual Trippel Survey and Research 
Nationwide Relocating Employee Survey which has just finished its 20th year. 

Trippel, since the founding, added many sets of web-based 
Relocation Managers Surveys. These varied surveys, conducted annually each year, gather the evaluations and opinions of corporate relocation managers on the performance of the service suppliers in different industry categories. Often, over 400 relocation managers participate and the results are published in comprehensive reports portraying the strongest and weakest service firms in many relocation supporting industries.

In addition to conducting surveys, Trippel Survey & Research offers research and consulting services for corporate clients and suppliers. Companies use his services to create RFPs and assist in supplier selection, to check references of relocation service companies, to research “best practices” processes, to establish “benchmarking” of service standards, and conduct 
Policy Benchmark Studies. 

For more information on web-surveys, or if you desire to purchase any of the report publications, or call 1-501-922-4000.

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